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NY/NJ Airport Pick Up Procedures

Posted on: November 11th, 2015

laGuardiaPicking up passengers at the New York Metropolitan area airports – Newark, LaGuardia and JFK – or within New York City is, at best, challenging.  During the rush hour, peak travel times and when the weather is not cooperating, it’s nearly impossible to easily connect with passengers.

Unfortunately, even when everything does work well, some terminals and traffic patterns have become logistical nightmares, making it difficult to coordinate with our passengers. Therefore, we wanted to offer the following guidelines and advice:

In most cases, if Apollo Limousine is picking you up at any of the New York or New Jersey Metropolitan Airports (LaGuardia, John F Kennedy, Newark International) and you would like your chauffeur to meet you inside the terminal:

  • For passengers arriving on domestic flights passengers should meet their chauffeur at the assigned baggage carousel.*
  • For passengers arriving on international flights passengers should meet their chauffeur at the arrivals area outside US Customs.*

If you do not see your chauffeur waiting for you in the designated area, please call Apollo Limousine’s Dispatch team and we will redirect the chauffeur as necessary so that passengers are not delayed.

If you prefer curbside pick-up, these arrangements should be made when you make your reservation.

There are several exceptions to these “normal” procedures:


John F Kennedy (JFK) JetBlue arrivals: Due to the distance between the JetBlue terminal and the designated parking area we recommend curbside pick-up for all arrivals.  Please call Apollo Limousine’s dispatch team at 201-488-2505 once you have collected your luggage and/or cleared US Customs.  Dispatch will be able to provide you with the vehicle’s location outside the terminal.

John F Kennedy (JFK) Delta arrivals: We do not offer curbside pick-up at the JFK Delta terminal.  All arriving passengers should meet their chauffeur at the Ground Transportation Desk inside the Delta terminal.  Please be advised arrival terminals may be changed by the airline without notice.  We will make every effort to monitor these changes and redirect the chauffeur as quickly as possible.  However, please understand this may cause a delay while the chauffeur relocates to the new terminal location.

Manhattan, NY: Due to increased traffic congestion and security restrictions, your chauffeur may not be able to park and wait directly in front of your requested pick up location.  Please understand that your pick-up might be delayed for quite some time while the chauffeur “circles” and then returns to the pick-up location.  Depending on traffic, turn restrictions and street closures, “going around the block” can take as long as 20 minutes.

We appreciate your working with us in providing us with the detailed information we need – both inbound and outbound – we know that the metropolitan New York airports and New York City restrictions are an inconvenience, and Apollo Limousine will continue to do everything possible to ensure a safe and pleasant travel experience for our customers.  Unfortunately, with airports like LGA, JFK & EWR, it will, no doubt, continue to be a challenge.

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