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Is the Client Always Right? Top 10 Customer Service Rules

Posted on: November 4th, 2015

NJ limo serviceThere is an old adage that “the customer is always right,” but according to top business executives and industry experts, this may not be true. Due to the current global market, an advancing digital environment, and because the customer is not always right, is important to follow certain rules that make customers feel as though they are right—while at the same time boosting the quality of customer service provided.

Rules to Follow

  1. Business Hours—Customers want better access to customer service. Although you can expand hours of operation, another way to appease the customer is by creating a 24/7 response with a live person. This might involve an actual employees that handles the phone and computer, or hiring a service to take messages. 
  1. Time—For many industries, customer service automation is a viable solution. For better support, customers need to feel respected. For this, consider having more people available during peak seasons, and offer easier and faster payment methods.
  1. Mobile Readiness—Because more people are conducting searches and business via mobile devices compared to computers, you have to be mobile ready in offering superior customer support. In fact, Google’s new algorithm demands website changes so customers can have a seamless experience when using a mobile device as opposed to a conventional computer for online searches.
  1. Multilingual Employees—Customers also appreciate multilingual workers. You want employees who speak the native language where the majority of your business is located. If you cannot hire someone, at least have a translation service available.
  1. Educate—Never assume that your customers know everything about your business and services. To create a better customer relationship, you need to be an educator, which will enhance the overall customer service experience.
  1. Sales Pitch—Hard sells are no longer effective, and in fact, are downright annoying. Instead of using a traditional sales pitch, talk to your customers like they’re humans. You will get more respect and a better response.
  1. Feedback—Although some feedback will be negative, welcome comments from your customers, good and bad.
  1. Scripts—Stop using scripts, which are impersonal and robotic, when providing customer service.
  1. Satisfaction—Take time to recognize and reward satisfaction from your employees who deal with customers.
  1. Protection—Because most customers believe they are always right, some become aggressive and verbally abusive. As the company owner or a top executive, let your customer support team know that this type of behavior is not tolerated. Having employees who feel protected will go a long way in providing the good customers with exceptional service. To accomplish, create solid policies for employees to follow. That way, if employees face disgruntled customers they know that you will offer full support.

Using a Chauffeur

Hiring a limousine company does not mean lavish spending, but rather a good business investment that offers many benefits. If you’re dealing with important clients, who are investing their money in your service, you want them to feel comfortable and well taken care of while enjoying a safe ride.