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Gadgets to Make Business Travel Easier

Posted on: January 12th, 2016


hanks to new gadgets, business travel is easier, better organized, more productive, and more enjoyable, overall. If you travel often for your company, you should take full advantage of modern day technology.


Top-Rated Gadgets


  • Smartphone Hotel Door Opener—Hilton Hotel offers the Digital Key program, in which you can use your smartphone to open your room, as well as elevators and other doors. As a program member, you receive notification via your smartphone when your guestroom is ready. Bluetooth on your smartphone eliminates the need for a more conventional key.


  • Smart Luggage—Another really cool gadget for business travel is called Trunkster’s GPS. Although this USB-charging, roller-type suitcase has only recently launched, it is already receiving rave reviews. This suitcase has a built-in scale so you know if you are going over the allowed weight set by the airline.


  • Pluggage—To ensure the security of your luggage when traveling, this gadget is ideal. Designed with built-in sensors, it gives you an alert via your smartphone if anyone tries to open your luggage. Pluggage also has a unique tracking system so you know where your luggage is at any given time. Whether in cargo hold at the airport or accidentally left in the backseat of a NJ limo, it gives you information that reunites you with your luggage.


  • Multiple Device Charger—When you’re in busy airports, finding an open charging station is often challenging. To ensure that the battery on your laptop computer, cell phone, iPad, iPod, or tablet never runs out, you can purchase an affordable multiple device charger. With this, you have the ability to charge several mobile devices using a single power outlet.


  • Solar Charger—If you prefer, you can use a solar charger to keep the battery full on all your mobile devices. For this, you charge the wireless charger and then, when needed, simply plug the device in using a USB cord. What makes this gadget so nice is that you can use it on the plane or while riding as a passenger in a New Jersey limo.


  • Headphones—People who seldom travel cannot appreciate noise-cancelling headphones as much as those who do. As a frequent traveler, you are all too aware of the excessive noise that goes hand-in-hand with travel. From people snoring next to you to overhead announcements to crying babies, noise makes it extremely difficult to be productive. With noise-cancelling headphones, you have the ability to concentrate.


Using Limo Service in NJ


In addition to using innovative gadgets for business travel, you will also benefit by hiring a reputable New Jersey limo company. When you land, a professional chauffeur will be waiting to whisk you away to wherever you need to go. Using a limo service in NJ means there is no downtime, so ultimately, you stay more productive on the road.

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