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Four Great Headphones for Business Travelers

Posted on: February 2nd, 2016

great headphones

Whether you’re on a plane or sitting in the back of a NJ limo, you sometimes need a way to block out noise. By using one of the top headphones, you accomplish the goal. As mentioned, the right headphones help to cancel out unwanted noise, giving you the opportunity to relax or concentrate on being productive for work.


Four Outstanding Headphone Choices


As you can imagine, there are many exceptional choices of headphones, but the four mentioned are ranked among the best.


  1. Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2—These small and lightweight in-ear bud headphones fit nicely and stay on securely, thanks to their unique design. In addition to being comfortable to wear, these headphones offer full bass sound and clear treble. If you prefer something small and inconspicuous, these headphones are an excellent consideration.


  1. JH Audio JH16 Pro—You might also consider these headphones, which are quite popular. Because these headphones have custom-molded and high-end in-ear monitors, they fit perfectly. Another key benefit is the multiple drivers that ensure exceptional sound quality. While these headphones tend to be somewhat pricey, they are worth the investment.


  1. AKG K490 NC—If you are looking for portable on-ear headphones to use while flying or taking a New Jersey limo, these are a great option. In addition to being affordable, these headphones provide active noise cancelling, as well as superior sound quality. Now, if you prefer something with a little more bass, you might consider the K495S headphones.


  1. Bose QC25S—You can never go wrong with a Bose product. Among top-selling headphones, these rank among the best, making them great for business travel. Along with excellent noise cancelling, these headphones sound incredible while being completely comfortable.


Using a Limo Service in NJ


The key with business travel is to make decisions that reduce stress and increase productivity. Whether you’re going from the airport to the hotel or taking important clients to dinner, one of the wisest decisions you can make for corporate travel involves a limo in NJ. While headphones may not seem that important, they can actually make a business trip easier and more enjoyable.