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Dress for Success When Interviewing for a Job

Posted on: November 13th, 2015

Dress for succsessIf you have an upcoming interview, it is important that you dress for success. Your clothing = speak volumes about your character, drive, and determination. Therefore, you want to present yourself as someone who takes the interview seriously, and as an individual who will represent the company in a positive manner.


For both men and women, it is imperative that clothes fit properly and be up-to-date in style without being over-the-top trendy. Dressing for success allows you to feel good about your appearance, which in turn conveys confidence.


Dressing Tips for a Man


  • Take ideas from attire that successful businessmen wear by looking at magazines or conducting an online search.
  • Make sure clothes are professionally cleaned and pressed.
  • Be conservative by wearing a nice two-piece navy blue or gray suit with complementary tie.
  • Choose a dark-colored, tie-up pair of shoes that are perfectly polished and in a style that complements the suit.
  • Wear minimal accessories, remove body piercings, and cover tattoos.
  • Be clean-shaven and choose a subtle cologne.


Dressing Tips for a Woman


  • Choose a conservatively tailored suit consisting of a skirt or slacks, jacket, and coordinating blouse in a dark or muted color.
  • If wearing a skirt, make sure it is knee length or slightly longer.
  • Avoid wearing anything that has bold or vibrant colors/patterns.
  • Choose nude, tan, or taupe-colored nylons without patterns.
  • Go with dark-colored dress shoes that are no more than 1 1/2 inches tall.
  • Never wear stomach-baring, low-cut, or transparent tops.
  • If you wear perfume, choose a soft fragrance and use it sparingly.
  • Keep both nail polish and makeup to a minimum.


Details Matter


When dressing for success, it is critical that you focus on the details. For example, men need to make sure that socks coordinate with the shoes and suit. In addition, men should wear a tie made of silk or a silk-like fabric that coordinates with the suit, while contrasting to the shirt color. Even a leather belt will make a difference when dressing for success.


In comparison, women should avoid wearing dangling earrings and keep accessories to a minimum. Although dark or earth tone suits are preferred, color is acceptable as long as it is not too loud.


Achieving Success


After dressing for success and landing a great job, you want to learn everything you can and then focus on promotion within the company. With hard work and determination, there is no reason that you cannot reach executive level. Once there, you can begin to enjoy benefits of the job, such as taking a chauffeured limousine to meetings or having a limo company arrange a ride to your hotel when traveling on business. Of course, you can enjoy a limo at any time for both personal and business transportation needs.