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Chauffeur Advice: Ways to Reduce Stress on Long Drives

Posted on: February 23rd, 2016

reduce stress

Whether you’re driving your own vehicle, renting a car, or using the services of a New Jersey limo company, long drives are often draining. When you’re traveling for personal reasons with smaller children, the time on the road can be extremely difficult. Regardless of the situation, with information offered by reputable chauffeurs from top limo services in NJ, you can reduce stress.


Bringing Stress Levels Down


  • Good Planning—An excellent way to reduce stress on long drives comes from good planning. To help with the planning phase, you can download a number of mobile apps for creating a perfect route to your destination. With these apps, you will stay on main highways, avoid congested areas and construction zones, and always be within close proximity to public places should you need help.


  • Relaxation Techniques—You should also consider a number of relaxation techniques to prepare for your upcoming road trip. As an example, you can get a massage the evening before, get plenty of sleep prior to starting the trip, choose music for the drive that you find relaxing, use deep-breathing exercises, and so on.


  • Kid-Friendly Activities—If your long trip involves children, make sure you plan and pack a variety of activities that will keep them entertained. This might be card games, downloaded games on the tablet, movies that they can watch on the computer, and so on. In addition, be sure each child has a comfortable blanket and pillow so when they become tired, theyhave the opportunity to get comfortable. This advice is for all situations, whether you drive or use the services of a NJ limo company.


  • Enjoy the Road Trip—Instead of rushing to reach your destination, take this opportunity to see different sites and points of interest along the way. Even if your long drive is for business, you will feel less stressed and anxious if youmake a few stops throughout the journey.


  • Take Your Time—Another great way to reduce unnecessary stress when taking a long drive consists of allowing some wiggle room. In other words, rather than following an extremely tight schedule, add some extra time into the trip so you are not always feeling rushed.


  • Healthy Snacks—Both children and adults tend to get grumpy when hungry. Depending on your destination, there may not be adequate places to eat. Therefore, always pack healthy snacks like granola bars, nuts, peanut butter and crackers, fresh and/or dried fruits and vegetables, and of course bottled water.


Take Advantage of a NJ Limo Service


Each of the suggestions work great for reducing stress when driving. However, for the ultimate stress-free trip, a NJ limousine service is ideal.

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